Hand-Crafted Puff Pastry and Shortcrust Pastry Made With Real Butter

Discover the pleasure of baking at home with our all-butter, real Puff Pastry. Butter has always been our preferred fat for making our ‘French’ style range of pastry. But why do we love butter so much at Carême Pastry? Well, because not only does it taste great, but it’s natural, and best of all, it makes delicious pastry!

All the ingredients we use at Carême Pastry are natural. Our eggs are free range, our vanilla is real, our flour is local, and our chocolate is 70% cocoa solids. Most importantly, our puff pastry is proudly made by a dedicated crew of pastry lovers right here in the beautiful Barossa Valley, South Australia.

No Artificial Colours . No Artificial Flavours . No Preservatives . No Additives

Our Puff Pastry and Shortcrust Pastry Range

All Butter Puff Pastry 375g Careme Pastry

Our signature All Butter Puff Pastry is handmade with real butter and all natural ingredients to produce feather-light layers of flaky deliciousness >>>


This is no ordinary shortcrust! Our Sour Cream Shortcrust Pastry is enriched with sour cream, and has an amazingly gorgeous flaky texture >>>

Spelt Puff Pastry, Spelt Shortcrust Pastry, Carême Pastry

Our ‘world-first’ Spelt Wholemeal Pastry has been introduced to meet the ‘knead’ of health-conscious bakers keen to enjoy a natural and nutritious product, without depriving themselves of indulgent pie, tart and quiche treats. Our Spelt Wholemeal Puff Pastry and Spelt Wholemeal Shortcrust Pastry are packed with health benefits, thanks to Spelt’s unique protein characteristics. You will enjoy the light, flaky dough infused with a delightful mild nutty flavour. Light and deliciously buttery, our wholemeal puff pastry is made using the honed skills of a master pastry chef from the best natural ingredients >>>

Vanilla Bean Sweet Shortcrust Pastry 435g Careme Traditional Pastry

Our Vanilla Bean Sweet Pastry is short, biscuity, and melt-in-the-mouth delicious. You’ll love the sweet pies, tarts and cakes you can create with this beautiful pastry >>>

Carême Dark Chocolate Pastry

The ‘little black dress’ of pastry! Make sure you always have one handy in your freezer so you can quickly whip up a delightful dessert at a moments notice >>>

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🍃FAMILY MEAL INSPO🍃Chicken & vegetable pie, made with love ❤️ (Just for Harry & Meghan!😉). Ultimate in autumn comfort food... a delicious, nourishing mix of chicken and mixed vegetables, topped with buttery crispy pastry... what could be better?! Serve it with a crunchy salad for even more veg... you know how much we ❤️❤️❤️ veges 😋
🍃It is super simple.  Buy quality ingredients. Pastry with no nasties We love @caremepastry Do you need a recipe peeps? Let us know and we’ll add in comments tomorrow #sshkitchen #sshealth #homecooked #caremepastry


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