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Australia Day Recipes by Carême Pastry

Australia Day Recipe Favourites

Australia Day Recipe Favourites Australia Day, Friday 26th January. It’s the day to be gathered around the barbie with friends, drinking beer, lazing at the beach, or swimming in the pool. The day we reflect on what it is to be Australian and recognise our history. It’s also the day when we eat Aussie food…

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Carême Pastry featured in Delicious Magazine

Asparagus, Broad Bean and Feta Open Pie – Delicious Magazine Recipe Feature

Asparagus, Broad Bean and Feta Open Pie – Delicious Magazine Recipe Feature     We love it when the wonderful Delicious Magazine features Carême Pastry in their recipes. On 18th October, the team at Delicious shared some beautiful recipes that feature asparagus – one of our favourite Spring vegetables, in their Facebook post, ‘26 recipes that…

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Slow Cooking

Slow Cooking You’re tired, you just got in from work, if you have children they are probably ravenous, you’re also rather hungry, this is when many of us reach for the take away option or we could reach into the freezer for something pre-prepared. I try my hardest to get a few meals packed away…

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Working with Gluten Free Pastry

Working with Gluten Free Pastry Please note: Our Gluten Free products are no longer available. Please view our full range for alternatives. _______________ Why is working with Gluten Free pastry so tricky!? Regular pastry made with wheat flour contains ‘gluten’. Gluten is formed when combining water and wheat flour, gluten gives structure.  The more you work the…

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The Summer Harvest

The Summer Harvest If you are one of those lucky people with fruit trees in your back garden, or know a friend who is you will be familiar with the idea of fruit overload at this time of year. Being in the Barossa there is an abundance of backyard grown fruit, from peaches to nectarines,…

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The Art of Mille Feuille

The Art of Mille Feuille Just pronouncing it can be tricky enough let alone the thought of attempting this classic French dessert at home! Mille Feuille translated means a ‘thousand layers’, referring to the number of layers of puff pastry in the finished dish. Take a look at our video on how simple it can…

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Make Ahead for Christmas

Make Ahead for Christmas Be prepared for impromptu Christmas drinks or feeding the hungry masses when family arrive from far and wide. Don’t wait until the week before Christmas to start your baking preparations, there is so much you can do early and freeze. Ring a friend, always much more fun to prep with someone…

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Celebrating 10 Years

Celebrating 10 Years Sometimes it’s hard to believe 10 years has passed, in the whirl of establishing a business starting a family and deciding to build our own home the years have slipped by effortlessly. For some it may come as news that we are an Australian owned family run business based in the Barossa,…

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