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At Carême we’re so passionate about what we do, and excited about all the wonderful dishes you can create with the beautiful, buttery goodness that is pastry! So, here on our blog, we want to share some of that with you.

Whether you’re a Home Cook or a Professional in the Food Service industry, we have something here for you. Think our favourite recipes, news about Carême Pastry, cooking tips, and a whole range of other tasty morsels.

Just select below which blog is most suited for you. Feel free to read either of course, but if you’re a home cook our ‘Home Cooks’ blog is best for you. Whereas, our ‘Professionals’ blog is tailored for those of you working in the Food Service industry – Chefs, Restaurateurs, Bakers, Caterers, etc. Enjoy!

Slow Cooking

Slow Cooking You’re tired, you just got in from work, if you have children they are probably ravenous, you’re also rather hungry, this is when many of us reach for the take away option or we could reach into the freezer for something pre-prepared. I try my hardest to get a few meals packed away…


Working with Gluten Free Pastry

Working with Gluten Free Pastry Why is working with Gluten Free pastry so tricky!? Regular pastry made with wheat flour contains ‘gluten’. Gluten is formed when combining water and wheat flour, gluten gives structure.  The more you work the pastry the more the gluten is activated and the more elastic the dough will become.  As evidenced…


The Summer Harvest

The Summer Harvest If you are one of those lucky people with fruit trees in your back garden, or know a friend who is you will be familiar with the idea of fruit overload at this time of year. Being in the Barossa there is an abundance of backyard grown fruit, from peaches to nectarines,…


Celebrating 10 Years

Celebrating 10 Years Sometimes it’s hard to believe 10 years has passed, in the whirl of establishing a business starting a family and deciding to build our own home the years have slipped by effortlessly. For some it may come as news that we are an Australian owned family run business based in the Barossa,…


School Holiday Baking

School Holiday Baking Being the Mother of two small children who like to help in the kitchen I often look for baking ideas they can get involved with and will enjoy eating. With school holidays coming up these will not only keep them occupied but they’ll love eating them! Plus I’ll love sitting down with a…


Family Pies

Family Pies I’m sure we have all been there when it comes to midweek dinner preparation, the kids are starving, you are tired, inspiration is low but the need to cook something satisfying and nourishing is high. Simple slab pies are great, no pie tins, no blind baking. In these situations I opt for mince over…


Fathers Day Breakfast

Fathers Day Breakfast While we created this breakfast tart for a Fathers Day treat, it really is the perfect breakfast tart for anytime when in need of something special; it also makes for a great lunch served with a salad. The critical starting point in this dish is the slow cooked mixture of garlic, onion,…


Indoor Picnic – Beef Empanadas

Indoor Picnic – Beef Empanadas In a recent instagram post from Alexx Stuart she threw down a sheet in her living room and created a dinner picnic for her family… I loved the idea (especially as we have little ones). Friday night is our wind down night, dinner is often something simple in front of…