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Apple Turnovers (Bear Claws)

Makes: 8



  • 375g pack All Butter Puff Pastry, defrosted
  • 4 granny smith apples
  • 100g coconut sugar
  • ½ vanilla bean split and pulp removed (or ½ teaspoon vanilla paste)
  • 40g butter
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1 tablespoon demerara sugar


Click the +/- symbols or step heading to open or close the recipe steps

Step 1 - click here to display

Preheat oven to 200c fan-forced (220c non-fan). Line a large baking sheet with baking paper.

For the Apple Compote core and peel 4 apples and dice.  Place the apple and rest of the ingredients in a saucepan cover with a tight fitting lid. Cook over a medium heat until apple is soft. Remove from heat and mash with a potato masher, set aside in fridge until ready to use.

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-2

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-3

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-4

Step 2 - click here to display

Dust the work surface and pastry with flour, roll the sheet to approximately 35cm x 35cm.

Cut the pastry into 4 equal strips, then cut the strips in half, so you end up with 8 rectangles. Egg wash a 2cm border around each rectangle.

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-9

Step 3 - click here to display

On one half of each rectangle place a spoonful of apple compote. Fold pastry over sealing the edges, continue with remaining rectangles. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes to chill, this makes it easier to cut.

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-10

Then make 2cm cuts at 1cm intervals at the open end of each turnover.

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-11

Step 4 - click here to display

Brush the top of each one with egg wash and sprinkle with demerara sugar, bake at 200c fan-forced (220c non-fan) for 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes at 180 fan-forced (200c non fan). Once cool dust with icing sugar.

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-12

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