Fruit Mince Tart


Serves: 10 – 12


Prepare the fruit mince the day before to allow the flavours to mingle.

  • 1 x 435g Carême Vanilla Bean Sweet Short Crust Pastry defrosted
  • 1 egg yolk beaten with a little milk for glazing
  • 120g cored & grated apple (Granny Smith)
  • 60g melted unsalted butter
  • 90g raisins
  • 60g sultanas
  • 60g currants
  • 60g candied mixed peel
  • 60g dried cranberries (optional)
  • 75g soft dark brown sugar (coconut sugar also works well)
  • Grated zest & juice ½ orange
  • Grated zest & juice 1 lemon
  • 40g slivered almonds
  • 2 teaspoon mixed ground spice
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • Pinch nutmeg grated
  • 2 tablespoons brandy
  • Icing sugar for dusting (optional)


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In a large mixing bowl combine all the fruit mince ingredients mix thoroughly, cover with a clean cloth and leave in a cool place overnight to allow flavours to mingle. If not using straight away pack an airtight container and store in the fridge for up to two months.

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The following day begin by preheating oven to 190°C (170°C fan-forced).

Unroll defrosted pastry, using a 28cm dinner plate cut a circle from the pastry (don’t worry if plate slightly bigger than pastry). Line a 24cm pie plate with the pastry, fill with fruit mince, pop this in the fridge.


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Cut a 20cm circle from remaining pastry, randomly cut star shapes from the circle leaving enough space between the stars so the pastry doesn’t tear. Remove tart from fridge and carefully lift the smaller circle onto the tart.

You need approximately 35 stars in total (including what was cut from small circle), cut remaining stars from the pastry trim, you might need to re roll the trim to achieve this.


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Egg wash the outer edge of tart, place the cut stars around the edge slightly overlapping as you go. Brush the starts with beaten egg.


Chill tart in the fridge for 30 minutes before baking at 190°C (170°C fan-forced) for 35 minutes or until pastry is golden brown. Once completely cool lightly dust tart with icing sugar.

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