Spelt Wholemeal Butter Puff Pastry

Carême’s brand new Spelt Wholemeal Butter Puff Pastry meets the ‘knead’ of increasingly health-conscious eaters and bakers who’re keen to enjoy a natural and nutritious product, without depriving themselves of indulgent pie, tart and quiche treats.

This new Spelt Pastry doesn’t compromise on flavour or texture. You’ll love its light and flaky dough infused with a delicate nutty flavour. The spelt grain, a nutritious ancient variety of wheat, is high in unique protein characteristics and vitamin B17, which means our new Spelt Pastry is packed with health benefits.

No Artificial Colours . No Artificial Flavours . No Preservatives . No Additives

Spelt Wholemeal Butter Puff Pastry by Carême Pastry


Butter (Cream (Milk)), Wholemeal Spelt Flour, White Spelt Flour, Water, Salt, Vinegar.

Contains Milk, Gluten (Spelt).

No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives.

Pack Size 375G
Contains one ready-rolled sheet: 27cm x 36cm.

One packet will make 1 large pie or 2 large tarts or 24 mini sausage rolls.


Pies, Sausage Rolls, Quiches, Tarts


Cooking Tip

For best results defrost in refrigerator until pliable. Once defrosted use within 24 hours. Store refrigerated after opening

Lightly dust pastry sheet and work surface with flour before cutting

For best results bake in a fan-forced oven at 200c (220c non-fan), for 10-15 minutes until risen, lower to 180c (200c non-fan) and contine until golden brown.

Recipes with Spelt Puff Pastry

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